To Feel

Having forfeit both this world

And the next for love’s sake

There goes a sad soul

With a sad night in his awake
by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

What is sorrow and longing in the body? How can one evoke
compassion? Drawing from Navarasa, the nine emotional expressions as described by Indian arts, the dancers delve into the experience of creating anevocative state through Karuna rasa, the expression of compassion. 

  • Choreography: Tanveer Alam, in collaboration with the dancers

  • Music:  loscil

  • Dancers: Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Emily Fonda, Heather Jefferys, Chloe Sandrelli, Claire Whitaker
  • Stage Management: Noah Blatt

  • Lighting Design: Logan Raju Cracknell

  • Project Management: Julia Sasso

  • Artistic Advisement: Peter Chin

  • Photography: Kari Labrentz

Produced by The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and Summerworks Festival 2019, presented as "The Nine Brains of the Human Mind" .

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